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Minefield Dancer Productions
The Goal of Minefield Dancer

     We are a small group of creative teams that collaborate to improve our creations. It has been a dream of mine for sometime to work with my best friends creatively. And, I've realized as a storyteller, I am not much without a partner. Everything I want requires a team. And, as I go into college and come closer to enclosing a job and an income, as well as bills, I am concerned that I will not be able to do what I want most, at least not when I want to. I see people all around me publishing and making progress, and they are not even out of college. But the thing most of them have in common: teamwork. I want that. But I have been afraid to ask because everyone I go to does not wish to have anything to do with me. Why should they? I'm a little start-up company without even a way to pay them. I've had people come to me with similar things, and I'd be lying if I said my reaction was not exactly the same.

​​     And that's why I've decided to open myself up officially as a production company. What I want for Minefield Dancer is a group of closely knit collaborative teams. Each may keep their own name and own team, and may handle their stories as they wish. Minefield Dancer will be there to promote them, and set them up with people that can help in the areas they are lacking. I want a team of people, each with their own stories, and their own challenges, to be able to come together and fill in the gaps for one-another.

     Minefield Dancer teams will be here to assist one-another in story telling, character development, and any other area that they may possibly need assistance in. We will host artists of all different talents in all areas including visual art, literature, artisan crafts, and more. If you're a character designer looking to place your characters in a story, look up one of our writers. If you're a writer looking for an artist, browse through our commissionable artists. The main thing we'll help with is assistance in story-telling. We will help you progress your story, and get over roadblocks, as well as sort our possible issues you may be having.

     MFD is a production company. We will do our best to promote stories that we support. We will make announcements for updates coming from your company, and advertise on the site every time you wish us to show your progress.

Minefield Dancer is a collection of separate creative teams. Our stories are developed separately, and we only offer advice to one-another on a creative basis. No one team is responsible for the themes and actions of the others. All teams agree to offer up only content which they own or have express permission to use. If one of the teams violate this rule, none of the other teams nor Minefield Dancer productions are responsible for their actions. All characters and stories are copyright their respective companies and/or owners, and may not be profited off of without permission.

Minefield Dancer Production is owned and operated by Tiffany Groff.​​
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